Make your dream come true

Do you have a dream, something you are eager to realise?

Another job, your own company, a trip to a beautiful destination, finding a partner, taking a course (or education) or more financial freedom…

Almost on a daily basis I speak to people who have a dream and only a few of them actually work on realising their dream.

What determines whether some succeed in realising their dream, and others never even make a start?


What is needed to fulfil your dreams and desires?

In my work I guide people to excel, these are people who are audacious enough to dream big, who long for more.

Not just materialistically, but especially and more particularly to become even better at what they are doing, for example being a better manager or leader.

What stands out is that these people have a natural power or gift to connect with their qualities. They know what they can do when they live their qualities to the fullest, what they can achieve and realise in the world.


In other words: they dare to dream extremely big!

I was in Cologne recently, a beautiful city, known for its Cathedral. It is one of Europe’s largest cathedrals and truly impressive. What impressed me even more was its history.

The architects who made the initial drawings, like Gerhard von Rile, had no idea how to construct the cathedral.  Nevertheless, they started building it in 1248. Its construction was halted for quite a long time but in 1824 was picked up again based upon the original drawings.

Putting the constructions works to a complete halt and taking down what had already been built was considered in earnest several times through the centuries. And yet what we see today is a maginificent impressive building with towers reaching 157.38 and 157.31 meters high.  Yes, I have climbed these towers, all 509 steps and the views are splendid.

The difference between the northern and southern towers is only 7 centimeters. The foundation contains almost as many stones as the overground (above ground) construction.

It is almost incomprehensible that someone has ever been able to dream so big… they could not begin to imagine how the dream could be realised.  In those days they had neither the technology, nor the money, just a huge longing to make the dream come true.

And despite many setbacks such as World War II, the Cathedral now exists as a technical masterpiece to inspire us!


I also had a dream…. 

my own company, working with people who want to excel, dare to look themselves in the eye and be open to further development. Working in beautiful locations that inspire me and my clients to achieve their full potential.

And I have succeeded, I work in beautiful locations, preferably in nature, but also in other spaces that inspire such as museums. But I continue dreaming, continue growing because I know that so much of my potential is not yet lived, that there is so much more I can give.

This truly does not imply that everything comes naturally. Sometimes, I have physical setbacks and I must unexpectedly take it easy and take time to recover. Sometimes my dream is overwhelmingly big and I almost lose courage.

Sometimes I don’t know how to do it either, I run into obstacles for which I have no solution. Then I go back to the drawings of my dream…. And know that, whatever happens, my dream is coming true because I keep believing in it.


Do you have a dream… a huge desire to realise something?

Do you feel the pain every day, because another day has gone by without having taken action to make your dream come true?

Or are you courageous enough to start realising it…. do you have enough faith in yourself to continue, even when things go wrong, when you struggle, when things are not going your way?


I know you can make your dreams come true and how fulfilling it is to be able to live your dream.