Ellen Tuenter

The road to authentic leadership in times of change

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 “It is my mission to coach international leaders, executives, C-suite and diplomats, to help them realise useful, structural and refreshing impact, to demonstrate authentic leadership and coaching skills in these times of transformation”

My name is Ellen Tuenter. I am an experienced executive coach, with a background in psychology and a passion to help people and organisations reach their full potential in these times of change and the corresponding chaos.

I coach today’s international leaders, professionals, executives, diplomats, board members and organisations towards balanced and optimal results through continuous personal development. This enables the best possible performance in times during which adaptation and excellence are required.

 I as a coach

  • will advise you in your career path by exploring options, making choices and by specifically guiding you towards a suitable role;

  • support organisations in exploring and further developing leadership talent at top level;

  • will coach you as today’s new leader, one who chooses connection, trust, human focus, appreciation, facilitation and contribution;

  • will guide you as an authentic leader in discovering your qualities and talents, so you will work with impact and pleasure;

  • will teach you as a new leader to mentor and develop your reports in these times of transition.
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