Who I am

“I am curious by nature. Observing helps me understand the essence of the human being, without judgment. I see through the seeming paradox and come surprising insights”
Ellen Tuenter, Human Explorer


Who is Ellen Tuenter?

My approach to coaching is built on a broad range of studies, teachings and subjects. I don’t just turn to psychology during our meetings, I also take Eastern and Western philosophies, economics and science into account. The knowledge of life itself. 

It is this broad spectrum that provides me with a full picture of how mankind operates within its environment.

My toolbox is filled with knowledge, intuition and life experience. This provides me with a broad set of tools to know and understand what might be going on, your qualities and limitations. This gives us insight to where development can take place in undeveloped areas and potentially gets a chance to grow.


My story

‘Every human experience encloses the invitation to personal development.Your life as it is, is the best thing that can happen to you’
Ellen Tuenter, Life guide


My life has shaped me and made me the coach and explorer I am today. My life experiences have moved me and sometimes touched me deeply. I still live intensely, both in my business, my various international studies, and in my personal life. Life itself is my personal development path and precisely for that reason it is inappropriate to write and speak about it lightly.

Some of my clients live in the spotlight. I respect my clients’ confidentiality and I offer an environment where you can keep your personal development to yourself. This also results in having no testimonials on my website as well as no referrals to any organizations I work with.

This level of confidentiality is what is required, from you and from me, in order to collaborate with integrity.

My international network is warm and valuable. I will introduce you to it if and when appropriate.

I as your guide

  • I will show you your area of personal excellence and how to transform that to your genius zone;
  • support organizations in developing leadership  and exploring and empower talent at top level;
  • will advise you in your career path by exploring options, making choices together and by specifically guiding you towards a suitable role you feel confident with;
  • will coach you as today’s new leader, to lead from vision, trust, connection and contribution;
  • I will teach you all about the nature of the Human Being, so you understand more of yourself and others.
  • I show you what is needed to influence, so you achieve the result you desire.