Who I am

“I am curious by nature. Observing helps me understand the essence of the human being, without judgment. I see through the seeming paradox and come surprising insights”
Ellen Tuenter, Human Explorer


Who is Ellen Tuenter?

My approach to coaching is built on a broad range of studies, teachings and subjects. I look not just to psychology but also to Eastern and Western philosophies, economics and science.

It is this broad spectrum that provides me with a full picture of how mankind operates within its environment.

Since 2017, coaching has become my ‘way of living’: I help leaders through exploring their drivers and connect with their purpose. Having clarity about their personal drivers helps leaders to shape their professional ambition.



My story

‘Every human experience encompasses the invitation to personal development.’
Ellen Tuenter, Path Finder


My life has shaped me and made me the coach and Path Finder I am today. My life experiences have moved me and sometimes touched me deeply. I still live intensely, both in my business, my various international studies, and in the quiet of my personal life. Life itself is my personal development path and precisely for that reason it is inappropriate to write and speak about it lightly.

Some of my clients live in the spotlight. I respect my clients’ confidentiality and I offer an environment where you can keep your personal development to yourself. That is why you will not find any testimonials on my website that can be traced back to individuals and no referrals to any organisations I work with.

This level of confidentiality is what is required, from you and from me, in order to collaborate with integrity.

My international network is warm and valuable. I will introduce you to it as and when appropriate.

I as a coach

  • will advise you in your career path by exploring options, making choices and by specifically guiding you towards a suitable role;
  • support organisations in exploring and further developing leadership talent at top level;
  • will coach you as today’s new leader, one who chooses connection, trust, human focus, appreciation, facilitation and contribution;
  • will guide you as an authentic leader in discovering your qualities and talents, so you will work with impact and pleasure;
  • will teach you as a new leader to mentor and develop your reports in these times of transition.