Work with me

‘Nothing human is strange to me. This is exactly what allows me to listen to your story. To stand by you in seeing what is essential and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Because working with me eventually only is about you!’

This is about you

You want to pair career and ambition with meaning and impact. Consciously drive both your personal life and your career and establish your vision as today’s leader with clarity and determination.

You are also ready to demonstrate authentic leadership in these times of transition and to realize impact in results that are structural and meaningful.

In addition, you want to complete your mission and vision as well as mentor and develop your reports to do the same.

You are ready for the next step in your life and you are looking for someone knowledgeable and with a fresh outlook to support you. Someone with genuine attention and interest who flawlessly taps into your personal needs.

What I see is that leaders in big international compagnies are actively looking after their employees and their personal development. But what I also see is that they forget to look after their own personal development. They might feel like that’s a side issue or they experience like their growth has been enough for their ambition up until now.

If you forget to create a foundation for yourself right now, you won’t have the pillars in the future to realize your ambition.

So allow yourself this foundation, this plan and most importantly; your own growth.

Work with me

In order to ensure we get to the desired results, it is important for us to tune into your personal needs. Our collaboration therefore always starts with an exploratory conversation.


Our collaboration

Collaboration means that we will have a lot of personal contact – either face to face in my practice, at a chosen location or online.

This means that all programs are also suited for professionals working and/or living abroad.

The coaching is offered in both Dutch and in English.